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Coral Pricing Options

Our pricing are the lowest in the market to assist Experts and Therapist.
C-Diary FREE for Medical Reporting Organisations.

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Each GP Booking made via C-Diary: £2.00 +Vat
Each Specialist Booking made via C-Diary: £5.00 +Vat
( Depending on the volume each month )
Coral Reports: FREE with C-Diary.
No charges for DNAs and Cancelled Appointments.

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Invoicing System

Invoice Management – Your finances made easy (FREE)
One system for all your Invoicing needs at no additional cost.
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Create & Cancel

Credit Notes


Build Reports


Export Invoices

Coral Invoicing – Simple & Efficient
C-Diary and Coral Reports along with Invoice Management designed to simplify the Claims process. The system has all your needs for a […]

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Coral Reports

Coral Reports – RTA & Holiday Sickness Reports
Coral Reports are easy to use and it is fully compliant with MOJ regulations. This tool could be used On-line and off line. It is integrated with C-Diary to receive instructions directly from Solicitors and Medical Reporting Organisations.

Video Demo

GP Report
Specialist Report


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Cost effective On-line Appointment Booking and Case Management System for MROs, Experts and Therapists
C-Diary functions as an independent Appointment Booking and as Effective Case Management System

C-Diary is an On-line booking system for Private & Medico-Legal Appointments for Doctors and Therapist. Bookings could be made anywhere, anytime and it auto sends SMS reminders to reduce […]

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