Coral Technologies, an Innovative Approach

We are a technology company servicing Medico-Legal Industry. We assist Solicitors, Medico legal Organisations, General Practitioners, Hospital Specialists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Psychologists with their Appointments and Medico-Legal Reports.

C-Diary and Coral Reports simplify the links between Medical and Legal professionals involved in the accident and Injury claim Process. The system fully supports routine functions very effectively, this is achieved by providing an integrated and cost effective on-line resource to handle the Booking, Reporting, Invoicing and the Case management of each Individual cases.

Our Software Solutions

  • C-Diary for Appointment Booking
  • Coral Medico Legal Reports
  • Coral Invoicing System
  • Case Management System

We Are Here To Assist You

Our On-line diary is easy to use and integrated with Coral Reports, this makes the process simple from booking to invoice generation and to remit the payments. We constantly develop new features and take feed backs seriously. Our system is up to date with MedCo guidelines.