a. C-Diary is an On-line Booking system for

i. Experts / Doctors and Psychologist.

ii. Therapist (Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Acupuncturist).

iii. Medico Legal Agencies

iv. Solicitors.

a. Medico legal Appointments

b. Private Appointments ( Locums & Cosmetics )

a. Experts and Therapist could open their appointment slots on-line this enables their contracted agencies or Solicitors to book appointments for them. The live booking information is sent to the users immediately.

a. You could use C-Diary on its own or as a full case management System. The system allows you to Manage Appointments (Book, Cancel, Reschedule, Block and to Reserve slots). C-Diary is integrated with Coral Reports and the completed reports will be available in C-diary for further actions ( To send to the Instructor with or without an Invoice )

a. If you are using Coral Reports, there is no need to upload. If you are using other reporting tools or using a traditional dictations and documents you could upload your reports to C-Diary and build auto invoices and manage your cases. This could significantly reduce your admin cost and have a greater control on your debtors wherever you are in the world. All you need is an Internet connection.

a. C-Diary is password protected and it allows you to control your users and the Appointments and Reports. Your Instructors will be able to see ONLY your free slots and booked appointments by them.

a. You could have any number of logins to your admin.

a. Yes, you could give them full access or restricted access and block viewing sensitive Information (Invoices).

a. Security is paramount and it is provided by 128 bit SSL encryption (Market leading standards – Bank cards)

b. Our dedicated servers are UK based.

c. Coral Technologies is Registered with UK Data protection Agency. Registration No: Z3512640

a. There is no need for installation, you can log into your live system via our website with your secure username and password.

a. Currently we recommend Firefox and we are testing in other Internet Explorer versions.

a. The system could be used like a Case Management System, Create Panel and Manage your Experts and Therapists, View and Book Appointments online, Receive and forward Instructions to another Contractors, Receive Reports from Experts / Therapist and forward them to your Instructors , Receive Invoices from Experts / Therapist and build further invoices and send them to the Instructors .

b. Save on Admin, Set payment terms and create Auto Invoices to the Instructors.

c. Create addendums and complete cases.

a. Payment terms are set with your Instructors in general or set specific terms depending on the clinic site. Invoices could be built automatically as per the set terms or to a different value manually before sending them to the Instructors.

b. Build and Export Debtors and Invoice Reports for your invoices and send reminders to your instructors.

c. The system could be used to Manage Invoices ( Cancel , Remit , Apply Discount and to Raise Credit Notes )

Using the Invoice Export system all the details could be exported to an MSExcel or CSV format.

a. Currently, we are integrated with few companies and we are open for discussions to integrate. Please contact us.

a. Coral Reports is a Medico Legal Reporting tool used primarily by experts and is designated to create quick and efficient Medico-Legal reports in accordance with the MOJ template.

b. Coral Reports are installed on the expert’s computer.

c. The system can be used off-line in the Clinic, but requires Internet connection to synchronise and update case information.

a. Once you register with C-Diary we will contact you further about installing coral reports. Our support team will connect to your computer remotely to install if required.

b. Coral reports only works on Microsoft Windows.

a. The tool has been specifically designed for the experts to make reporting simpler.

b. 4-5 reports could be done easily with an easy editing options. Our existing users do 6 cases an hour.

c. Reports and Addendum’s are saved in C-Diary and could be accessed anywhere.

a. Coral Reports is a complimentary tool to C-Diary and there is no additional fee.

a. The reporting format is designed on MOJ recommendation and it is concise and consistent for the Agencies and Solicitors and has been accepted by the Courts and Several Solicitors.

a. We offer import solutions and if you are using any other system we could help you migrate to C-Diary at no additional cost and all your cases could be managed using C-Diary.

a. All our reports are electronically signed and it is equivalent to the ink Signatures.

b. Directive 1993/93/EC (Electronic Signatures Directive)

c. Electronic Communications Act 2000

d. Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002 (UK Statutory Instrument)

a. We do not offer a trail version. We install the live version but do not charge you for the first 10 cases. It is a simple system to use and you could edit these 10 cases and do the reports repeatedly.

a. Our charges for the Experts are £2.00 +Vat for a Booking and we do not charge for cancellations.

b. Our charges for the Therapist are £2.00 +Vat for a Booking and we do not charge for cancellations.

c. C-Diary is fully FREE for the Agencies.